Monday, December 29, 2014

Rado Original Diastar Diver Automatic Model R12639023 - Not too big and can be used for active lifestyles as well as formal functions, A Review (updated with comments from a reader)

Rado..... This is one brand that has never been in my list of "must-have". However, from a technological point of view, I have been following this brand very closely. The way Rado has been able to use exotic materials for its watch designs intrigues me.

Of all the Rado designs available, I like the turtle-shaped watch casing the best. This style is under the Original Diastar line of watches. When I stumbled upon the Model R12639023, I was blown away. It has most of my favorite watch designs namely an internal bezel, sapphire crystal and (of course) the turtle-shaped watch casing. It is only at this point that I realised how difficult it was to source for this particular model.

Although Rado is part of the Swatch Group and has a formal presence in Kuala Lumpur with a few boutiques and a number of authorised dealers across the city, none carries the complete range of current models. After going to various Rado authorised dealers, it dawned on me this particular model is unique and not easily available. I was tempted to source it via the internet. As this would be my first Rado, I was hesitant to search the internet as I would prefer to review it physically first before making the plunge to buy. Moreover, if I do decide to get it from the internet, it would have to come from an internet merchant that I not had any experience with. It was only after I spoke to a resourceful salesman from AWG Fine Watches in Mid Valley that he was able to source one for me via the Swatch Group at a cost matching the internet price!

This is very interesting. It implies that we can bargain and get a price similar to what internet merchants are selling. The notion that brick-and-mortar shops cannot offer prices like internet merchants due to fixed costs is not necessarily true.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Disney Parks Authentics Gears Link Mickey Mouse Watch Automatic - It is practical, robust and looks really good on the wrist, A Review [UPDATED]

I recently came back from a very enjoyable holiday at Disney World Orlando, Florida. One of my goals for the trip is to get a Disney watch as a memento of trip. At one of the parks, at Epcot, I found this watch, the Disney Parks Authentics Gears Link Mickey Mouse automatic watch.

The listed price was USD200 but I got a 20% discount by virtue of one of many deals available to guests at the park.

The watch comes with a very nice tin box painted with the image of Mickey Mouse. It opens from a lid at the top with no hinges.

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