Thursday, November 28, 2013

Deep Blue Pro Seadiver 1k Blue Dial - An Excellent Practical Sports Watch, A Review

This watch gave me my first experience of Deep Blue, a brand from America (Subsequently I got another Deep Blue. Click here to see a review on that model). I chance to see it on Amazon and the price quoted of approximately USD250+ got me interested to know more. Two specifications that stood out were the use of automatic movement in a casing that can withstand 1,000 meters of water pressure.

After making the decision to get it, I made my order and within a week it is on my table.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Buran Special Edition Soviet Space Shuttle Quartz - A Cheap Watch But A Workhorse Nonetheless

In 1988, the Soviet Union built its own version of the space shuttle called “Buran”. Launched in the same year, it was its first and last flight. To commemorate the event, a quartz watch was made with the figure and name of the spacecraft on the dial complete with the colour of the Soviet Union.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000m Green - A Monster From The Deep, A Review

Apart from my Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller which I reviewed earlier, I do own another extreme dive watch with a depth rating of 3,000 meters. From the brand Deep Blue, the Depthmaster 3000m Green is cheaper, bigger, heavier and more tool-like when compared to the Rolex DSSD.

This watch is designed with a singular purpose; to enable extreme divers make it their first choice watch for diving. Deep Blue went on to make its creation tool-like and affordable for the normal Joe.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV - Solid And Youthful, A Watch Review

I have to declare upfront that I do not work as a scientist. Therefore, the likelihood that I will ever need a tool watch that could withstand intense magnetic fields is close to zero. Nevertheless, I am a techno geek and a watch nerd. The thought that it is possible to combine anti-magnetic properties into a watch intrigues me immensely (Anti-magnetic watches are defined as watches that can still operate in highly magnetized environment).

I got myself a Rolex Milgauss 116400GV where "GV" is glass verte or green sapphire glass. This model is under Rolex's professional series but is the only one dedicated to scientists.

The first Milgauss was introduced by Rolex back in 1954 to help scientists work in the highly magnetic charge research environment of CERN (it was postulate that it was CERN that requested Rolex to come out with the Milgauss but it has yet to be proven. For more on the earlier history of Milgauss visit:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zeppelin 7360-1 Features Series Flatline - Axis Watch Which Is Truly Value-For-Money

Back in 2011, after serving for 5 years with my company, I was rewarded with a service award in the form of a wrist watch. What I got is the Zeppelin 7360-1 Series Flatline watch. A made in Germany watch with a Japanese automatic movement and Italian leather strap.

The watch is an 'open-heart' design with the opening scene at the 7 o'clock position. You are able to the the balance wheel via this opening. On its right is a similar sized sub-dial that houses the second-hand.

The dial is white with anthracite digits / markers and 12 green luminous dots. However, the hands are not lumed.

The case is made out of stainless steel, designed for an extra slim look. Its dimensions of the watch casing are 40 mm wide (excluding the crown) and with a height of just 12 mm. Water resistant rating is approximately 5 atmosphere.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Aristo Flieger Automatic 3H114 Pilot Watch - German Construction Quality But Poor Paint Job Spoils An Otherwise Excellant Watch, A Review

The first "pilot" watch as well as my first German watch that I got was the Aristo Flieger Automatic 3H114. The design concept is similar to the vintage German flieger watch with clean dial with luminous markers and luminous sword hands.

Friday, November 1, 2013

PierCarlo d'Alessio Quartz Dress Watch - Nothing Spectacular But Does Have Some Styling Cues; A Review

I only knew about the PierCarlo d'Alessio watch brand when I got this watch in my hand. Honestly, I didn't buy it - I wouldn't, there is nothing at all particularly intriguing about the watch. I got it as a gift when I renewed my Readers' Digest subscription.

I trolled the internet but after the third search page I couldn't be bothered anymore. If you are not on the first 3 pages of Google, you are nothing.

This watch is just a cheap quartz watch. Very simple dial with 3-hands. The case-back is the push-in kind. I doubt it is water proof tested. 

Nevertheless, at 42 mm wide and with a cheap leather strap, it does exudes some form of sophistication. In fact, I used it a few times at work and it looks good with a suit.

I have yet to open the case-back but I suspect the quartz movement is Chinese made. Nevertheless, I am impress with the accuracy, after many months, it still able to keep the time.

So, why would you ask would I list this watch under "My Western Watch Collection"? The listing is just because of the brand. If anyone could shed a light on the history of this company I would be most grateful.

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