Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ingersoll Mickey Mouse 30’s Collection Watch – So Cute And Full Of Magic & Wonder, A Review

I was in Disneyland California in January of this year. However, the choice of mechanical Mickey Mouse watches was limited. What’s available was so expensive. Nevertheless, the power of the internet allows me to search for the same item at a fraction of the cost that was sold in Disneyland Resort. Trust to have it!

After making the necessary arrangement and waiting patiently afterwards, the package arrived safely. I love this part. Feels like Christmas.

When I opened the Amazon package, I found a nice black box with gold lettering with the brand and the model name printed on it.

The model I got was the Mickey Mouse 30’s Collection by Ingersoll. Ingersoll reissued the classic 1930s Mickey Mouse Watch (the first to feature Mickey) that stayed true to the original watch offering from the gift box the even down to the mechanical movement. The case width is 33 mm excluding crown while the lug width is 16 mm. The movement is a 17 jewel winding mechanism (Chinese origin I believe). This watch comes in two versions. The first is the leather trap version and the second is a full bracelet version. I chose the bracelet version.

When you open the black box, you will find the main watch box in red. A simple cardboard box with both Mickey and Minnie Mouse printed on it. Flipping open the top reveals the watch.

In the 30’s, the watch was considered unisex. However, with a size of just 33 mm, today, this watch is more suited to be called a ladies’ or “boy-size” watch. Honestly, I would wear it only if I can replace bracelet with something else.

The crystal is plain mineral glass. Instead of being flushed to the bezel, it is domed. I like this.

Winding the 17 Jewel mechanisms takes about 40 turns before the main spring becomes tight. Power reserve is approximately 28 ~ 30 hours. The crown only has one position where one can adjust the time. There is a sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position which shows the second movement. However, instead of a second-hand, a decorated rotating disc is provided which does not allow you to measure time in seconds accurately.

This watch is made out of stainless steel but aged to make it look vintage. The snap-on case back is plain. The serial number of the watch is etched on it. This watch is not waterproof.

The bracelet is unique with a couple of Mickey Mouse shaped buttons on it. The catch on the clasp is a simple push down mechanism.

The quality of manufacturing is very basic. Not to a level expected in this day and age. However, it is designed to be a replica of the watch issued in 1930s so one can’t complain much about this.

I would like to suggest the Ingersoll create a special line of more modern automatic watch designs incorporating other characters from the Disney franchise. This could be runaway success as it was to back then in the 1930s.

I love the watch but I cannot get myself to wear it. For the last few months, this watch was in my desk drawer and acting like a desk clock.

A few days ago, I get the chance to replace the bracelet with a leather strap of 16 mm.

Now this watch is proudly on my wrist!

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  1. Very nice review but it's waterproof 30 meters

  2. I am looking for the steel bracelet for this watch. I noticed in your blog that you do not care for yours. Would you be interested in selling it to me? Please let me know.

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