Friday, November 1, 2013

PierCarlo d'Alessio Quartz Dress Watch - Nothing Spectacular But Does Have Some Styling Cues; A Review

I only knew about the PierCarlo d'Alessio watch brand when I got this watch in my hand. Honestly, I didn't buy it - I wouldn't, there is nothing at all particularly intriguing about the watch. I got it as a gift when I renewed my Readers' Digest subscription.

I trolled the internet but after the third search page I couldn't be bothered anymore. If you are not on the first 3 pages of Google, you are nothing.

This watch is just a cheap quartz watch. Very simple dial with 3-hands. The case-back is the push-in kind. I doubt it is water proof tested. 

Nevertheless, at 42 mm wide and with a cheap leather strap, it does exudes some form of sophistication. In fact, I used it a few times at work and it looks good with a suit.

I have yet to open the case-back but I suspect the quartz movement is Chinese made. Nevertheless, I am impress with the accuracy, after many months, it still able to keep the time.

So, why would you ask would I list this watch under "My Western Watch Collection"? The listing is just because of the brand. If anyone could shed a light on the history of this company I would be most grateful.


For this watch, the battery used is the SR626SW.

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