Monday, February 16, 2015

Article: The movements that power the collection

There are a few movements or mechanical watch engines that power my watch collection. Generally, these can be aggregated into a few manufacturers. I shall now now give a list of movements that I have as part of this collection. These are:
This movement is a specially skeletonized version of the ETA 6497-1

  1. ETA 2824-2
  2. ETA 2892.A2 
  3. ETA 2893-2
  4. Sellita SW200
  5. Miyota 8205 - Japanese
  6. Miyota 8215 - Japanese
  7. Miyota 82S5 - Japanese
  8. Miyota 9015 - Japanese
  9. Sii NH15 - Japanese
  10. Omega 3220
  11. Omega 2500
  12. Omega 8500
  13. Rolex 1575
  14. Rolex 3131
  15. Rolex 3132
  16. Rolex 3135
  17. Rolex 4130
  18. TY2807SV - Chinese
  19. IWC 80110
Despite the fact that this collection only covers watches made in Western countries, quite a number of the brands use Japanese and Chinese made movements to power their creations. As the quality of Japanese and Chinese made movement improves over time while maintaining a positive price differential over Swiss made movements, it is very likely that the use of non-Swiss movement will increase in the near future.

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