Thursday, February 20, 2014

Apple iPod Nano - A Joy to have but There are Better Options Available in the Market, A Review

This iPod Nano is strictly not a watch. However, it can act and look like a typical wristwatch due to its adaptability. Coupled with the excellent functionality, this iPod Nano can be considered the "Swiss Army Watch" of the 21st century.

There are 18 different dial design for the iPod Nano. From analogue to digital, there are enough choices for most people.

The watch is 38 mm across and about 6 mm thick. It has a clip at the back for you to hang it on your shirt etc. There is a slot to plug in the wires to connect to the computer and to charge the internal batteries. There is also a standard jack for headphones, a on/off button as well as up and down keys on the side of the iPod Nano.

Apart from the watch function, it can play MP3s, tune it to FM radio (the headphones acts like an aerial), display photos as well as the Nike Fitness application installed.

The memory for this particular model in 8 GB.

In the picture below you can see the large on/off switch an the "+" and "-" buttons.

The bracelet does not come standard with the iPod Nano. There are actually a lot of choices in the market. I chose a aluminum based bracelet from iwatchz. The slot you see in the metal plate is where you slip in the clip that is at the back of the Ipod Nano.

This is a good combination to have when traveling for work. Elegant and full of functionality.

The clasp on the bracelet is flushed with the rest of the bracelet.

I have used this combination for traveling on business trips. Ability to listen to music is a luxury very difficult to find when cramped in a seat while traveling. The added ability to tune in the FM signals makes it even better.

I won't recommend you to get this as there are better options available in the market. Do shop around and you will find something that will give you joy.

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