Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Watch Collection Rules: How I Classify My Collection – Movement Type (Part 1)

To be a watch collector, you must have a system or philosophy to rule how your collection grows. Otherwise, you can easy fall into the category of a ‘hoarder’! For me, there are a number of rules that I follow. In the first part of a series of articles regarding this, I shall explain the first rule that I follow: types of movements.

Generally there are only two major types of movements currently available now; pure mechanical or natural powered and electrical powered. What I meant by this rule is that watches can be either in the first or second grouping depending on the motive power for timekeeping. For example, a winding watch would be in the first category whereas a battery powered watch would be in the second category. Another set of examples, solar powered watch would be in the second category but a sundial watch is definitely in the first category.

The picture shows a sundial watch that requires the sun as well as the correct North-South alignment to work. Made as a decorative piece with very little practical value.

Personally, I like mechanical watches much more than electrically powered ones. In my collection, although the bulk is mechanical, I do have some electrical examples. I do know of other collectors that have a completely different focus i.e. purely mechanical or purely electrical or a range of both in their personal collections.

An important consideration is personal preference. There is a strong tendency to try to replicate well known collectors by virtue of information available on them. However, those collections reflect the personality of the individual owners. By copying, you may end up with a collection that does not suit your personality. Imagine the time and money wasted.

An important question that you want to ask yourself is this: what do I truly appreciate in a watch? If you can answer this question, you are on the right path to be successful in this hobby.

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