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AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Automatic Pilot Watch AV-4017-02 – A Cheap Mechanical Pilot Watch, A Review (plus videos)

The Specification

UK-based AVI-8 Watches is a fashion watch stylist in my view. In a short period of time they have managed to roll out an extensive line of timepieces; a manufacturing strategy not adopted by any ‘serious’ watchmaker but you will see being done by fashion houses such as Fossil, Daniel-Wellington and others.

I don’t usually cover these brands as I find the inputs they have on their products are generally minimal. They may be the original designers, but the manufacturing process is totally contracted out to OEM manufacturers typically in China. However, I made an exception for the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Automatic Pilot Watch with the reference AV-4017-02 because of a few unique features.
The AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane AV-4017-02 is a mechanical timepiece with a pilot watch design. Made out of 316L stainless steel, the watch is 44 mm wide and 14 mm thick. Its lug width is 22 mm.

The dial is beige in colour. It has a broken down minute scale at the peripheral with micro markers every 1/5th of a minute. At every 5 minute intervals, Arabic numerals are also presented. Next is the hour scale with Arabic numerals except for the 9 o’clock where a more prominent dot is represented. The need for a difference at this location is because of the seconds sub-dial.

On the opposite side, beside the Arabic numeral 3, is a small pothole with a date complication. The surface of the pothole aperture is polished metal. I like this idea of making the date window very unobtrusive. Only at certain angles would you be able to see the digit inside the pothole. For all intent and purposes, the dial remains true to a pilot’s watch with just the added date complication to provide additional functionality to the timepiece.

All three hands on the watch have the ancient Mediterranean sword-like feature and painted with luminous paint. Unfortunately the effectiveness of the luminous paint is poor and the illumination generated in darken conditions deteriorate rather quickly.

Apart from the brand, the model name and the type of movement printed on the dial, there is a symbol embossed with the letters “RFoE”. This code is significant as it is the code for the Hawker Hurricane flown by No 303 Polish Squadron during World War Two.

The watch comes with a lug width of 22 mm. The lugs have a subtle lip at the sides that helps to distinguish it from other designs. It is also angle to a certain degree that helps sit the watch better on a wrist. In fact, placing the watch on a flat surface, the angled lugs will not allow the back of the watch to touch the ground.

The watch comes with a display case-back. Both the dial and case-back is protected by a slab of flat mineral glass.

The watch is paired with a black leather calfskin strap. The tang buckle is brushed and the brand is etched on it.

The watch is powered with a Chinese automatic modified Seagull movement with the reference DG-3809-3D. Operating at 21,600 BPH or 3 Hertz, it has a power reserve of approximately 49 hours. The movement is capable of hacking function. As you can see from the photo, there is no decoration on the rotor as well as other parts of the movement.

The watch is water rated to 5 ATM or 50 meters. The watch comes with a two year guarantee.

The Wearing Experience

The strap allows one to wear the watch snugly or loosely if one so choose. It has the necessary weight to make it feel solid yet light enough not to be too distracting for the wearer. It can be worn in all occasions which make it useful as a ‘wear-everywhere-watch’.

The dial makes time referencing easy. However, night time use is limited due to the lack of a substantial amount of luminous paint on the hands. The paltry amount of such paint used on the watch can only give a limited time of luminosity before going dark.

The Packaging

The watch box comes in a brown PVC square box approximately 4.5 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches long. The box opens via a hinge at the back. The watch sits on a brown pillow. Only the guarantee card was the other thing in the box.

Below is the digital manual on the watch.

Photo Gallery

AVI-8 Hawker HurricaneAVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

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