Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Blake Watch Roll Reference Item 305628 by Wolf - Accessories, Review

Recently I got a gift from my watch dealer a traveling watch storage system made by the Wolf company. This particular storage system is called The Blake Watch Roll which consist of a leather encased tube that can fit approximately three watches.

It is approximately 20.3 mm long with a diameter of 8.3 mm with purple suede lining. The tube is opened using a snap button. The inner role is where you put your watches.

It is priced at USD89.00 on Wolf’s website ( or RM399.00 in Malaysia. Rather expensive in my opinion. Moreover, when I got the Blake Watch Roll and compared it to the official specification, my unit was missing two watch guard rings. These rings were supposed to protect a watch from bumping into another while on transit. This could be a reason why my watch dealer is willing to let it go for free.

The soft inner roll is excellent for leather strap watches that uses a deployant or butterfly clasps. It does not stretched the leather which makes it an excellent choice as a watch box for these kind of watches.

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