Friday, October 28, 2016

Apple iWatch 42 mm Stainless Steel Series 2 - A sophisticated smart watch, A Review (plus Video)

I recently bought for my wife the latest version 2 Apple iWatch. When I went to the Machine shop to look at the watch, I was very surprised by the sheer number of options available. Instead of going for the cheapest, I’ve decided to look at the options with the following specifications: stainless steel, sapphire crystal, more than 40 mm in size, water proof and comes with a metal bracelet.

The option that fits the criteria is the 42 mm stainless steel Series 2 version as shown below. The watch comes in a rather large watch box that only includes a thin basic manual, the charging plug as well as the wireless charging cable.

Once paired with an iPhone (in this case an iPhone 6 Plus), a lot of the functionality of the watch becomes accessible.

The Milanese bracelet has a magnetic clasp that allows infinite adjustment options without the need to take out any of the links. Really like this concept. Although the watch is for my wife, I can still wear it without any need to readjust anything. If you have the rubber strap option, similar flexibility is possible. However, rubber strap has a finite lifespan and a replacement rubber strap by Apple is really expensive.

There are a lot of write-us about the functionality on the web I will not go through them in this particular review. Do Google them if required.

Overall, I do like the watch. Below is the video of the watch on my wrist.

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