Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SONGMICS 8 Slots Zippered Watch Box Traveler's Black Watch Storage Case Organizer UJWB50B - Value For Money, A Review

I've decided to order another watch box. However, this time, instead of one with a display top and cushioned slots, I opted for 8-slot traveler version. Through Amazon, I chose one by SONGMICS. The item was priced at USD22.99 plus USD19.54 for shipping & handling and another USD2.55 for import fee deposit. After conversion, it came up to RM197.02.

Made the order on 3 September 2017 and it arrived on 11 September 2017. When I got the package, I was surprised to find that it was packaged inside a large cardboard box with dimension of 34 cm by 26 cm by 12 cm. The box is clearly marked as coming from Amazon. Happy to note that it got through Malaysian customs without any issue. Opening the main box, I found another box wrapped securely by bubble wrap.

This is the main packaging box from the maker of the watch box, SONGMICS. The product reference as well as the address are clearly stated on the side of the cardboard box. Opening it I found the watch box wrapped in sheet foam.

The watch box is made of black faux leather and MDF. It has a zipper running along the sides with allows it to open revealing 8 compartments. Each compartment is covered with soft velvet and wide rubber bands to keep a watch in place. Each side of the watch box is separated from the other by a faux leather divider designed to protect the watches on each side from crashing into one another. The watch box is approximately 24.5 cm by 18 cm by 5.5cm.

Do note that the compartments cater only up to a certain size of watches. It should not have any problems storing watches with a diameter of 46 mm or lower. I would also recommend that you keep only watches with leather straps with this watch box. Keeping a bracelet timepiece may caused it to scratch itself on the underside of the watch where one side of the bracelet would have to meet another side when laying down flat in the compartment.

After 5 minutes of the reveal, the watch box is filled up....

I am very satisfied with the watch. For the price and quality, it is definitely value-for-money.

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  1. I have the same case. Can't beat it for value for money and it's surprisingly well made!

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