Thursday, October 19, 2017

An OMG Moment: Broken Crown Stem, Aristo Flieger Automatic 3H114 Pilot Watch

Last month, I faced another OMG moment. This time, something even more serious that the previous OMG moment; a broken crown stem of my Aristo Flieger 3H114 Watch.

I was wearing it when I suddenly hit the crown at a corner of a wall. The hit was so precise that it sheared off the crown from the stem cleanly. There was no other damage on the watch.

Unfortunately, there is no service center for Aristo here in Kuala Lumpur. I will have to sent it to an independent service center. Major problem is to get a crown with a similar style. I tried emailing Aristo about a spare but the email was not answered. Therefore, I decided to get an OEM crown.

The OEM crown chosen was a large cylinder shape with gear tooth sides. Couldn't get the same grey-brushed surface tone as the watch casing. The crown is more brushed stainless steel in surface tone.

I guess this is my first Frankenstein watch!

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